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How To Generate Barcodes With FileMaker Pro

How To Generate Barcodes With FileMaker Pro

Want a free and simple solution for creating barcodes right inside of FileMaker? No plugins, no paid extra stuff–totally free. Well, that’s what this tutorial teaches you to make. This comes in handy when you start developing applications for FileMaker Go as it enables you to use barcodes in your app without the need for barcode fonts or plugins (save money, develop more).

You can create many types of barcodes from Code128 to Code39, etc., and even QR Codes.

All you have to do is know a little HTML and Javascript to make it happen, along with FileMaker Pro’s Web Viewer.

The tutorial below shows just how to go about it.

Many thanks to artdomg @ for providing the jQuery Plugin to make this happen.

You will need to download:

  1. jQuery and
  2.  jQuery Barcode

Good Luck!

Below is a link to the sample file:

Barcode Generator Sample File []

Creating Modal Dialogs

Creating Modal Dialogs

This tutorial is a remake of an earlier one, with up-to-date information on how to create a modal dialog using FileMaker Pro version 14. This technique is more simple, with FileMaker’s update to the New Window script step, which now allows for 3 different types of windows. You now have the ability to turn off resizing, close button and other features to make a truly modal window which cannot be exited or canceled by the user without following through with the desired action.