How to Make Progress Bars in FileMaker Pro

How to Make Progress Bars in FileMaker Pro

Have you ever wanted to created a live-updating progress bar? Piecharts and graphs are a cinch, but the ability to make a good-looking progress bar seems almost impossible–unless you know how to use the Web Viewer Tool!

Using HTML/CSS and a few calculations, you can simulate a progress bar that will update in real time using Script triggers and the ExecuteSQL function.

Watch the video at FMTutorials on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Progress Bars in FileMaker Pro

  1. Hi David,
    The video is not clear enough to see the script clearly. Is it possible to get a sample copy of the progress bar?

    1. Dear Abraham,

      Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the very late reply. Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of this file but I have made note of this for future lessons. All my new tutorials do contain links to project files which can be downloaded for examination. Thank you for watching my lessons and be sure to subscribe!

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