PDF Statement Parser

PDF Statement Parser

A nifty utility which helps parse PDF statements of bank accounts, credit cards, etc., and creates .CSV (spreadsheet) files which you can then import into your accounting software.

Many people have trouble keeping up with their accounting throughout the year. Then when the deadline is near, they are stuck with manually entering transactions one-by-one into their accounting software because most banks only let you export 3 or 6 months of the most recent data from their bank/credit accounts.

Make your next accounting season a breeze with PDF Statement Parser’s ability to create CSV importable spreadsheets from your plain text or PDF files.

This statement parser help to speed up the process of manual entry. Go from spending hours or days doing tedious and time-consuming data entry, to a quick copy/paste and export, in only MINUTES!

Program Name: PDF Statement Parser
Current Version: 1.1
Operating Systems: Windows 10
File Download Size: 34.5MB

A few important notes before buying PDF Statement Parser:

  1. The software has ONLY been tested with USD accounts, and English text. No other languages are supported.
  2. It supports a variety of PDF bank/credit card statement types, as well as copy/pasted-text from website tables, however parsing is not guaranteed.
  3. If your text cannot be parsed, send us a sample and we will include it into our next software version.
  4. Currently, this software is WINDOWS/PC ONLY, Windows V7 and up.

Many people wonder how to convert a PDF bank statement to CSV or Excel. This process is just as fast and can get you going in a few minutes. If you are looking to export bank statements to Excel, this is a quick and low cost option. This bank statement parser will help you to reduce time and mistakes, therefore increasing accounting and bookkeeping efficiency.

How It Works

  1. Copy your data from either a web page table or PDF statement.

2. Paste the data into the importer dialog

3. If the data is not cleanly on individual lines for each transaction, use our clean-up utility to fix any text formatting issues:

4. Click “Import”, and see how each transaction is created on a separate row.

5. Now all you have to do is export your data into a CSV file. This is done with the click of 1 button. A file will be generated that you can save and then import into your accounting software!